The adding technology ++

A compact and reliable thermostatic cartridge, Click-clack and Airstop systems, designed with an innovative fixing system that enables a long life and efficiency in all application.

Click-Clack Valve

Valve switch that facilitates the opening and closing of the drainage system. The opening is made just press the button. The closure is performed by repeating the same action. Totally made of brass.

  • New design.

  • Silicone plug gasket.

  • Brass mechanism with stainles steel spring.

  • Universal system.

    Universal system, from 0 to 70 mm, single item for all market sinks.

  • Compatible.

    Compatible with most of the plastic wastes installed, so it is easy to change.

Click-Clack Valve

Thermostatic cartridges

A compact and reliable thermostatic cartridges, designed with an innovative fixing system that enables a long life and efficiency in all application.

  • 38 ºC (100 ºF) security stop.

  • High performance thermoplastic polymers

    that avoid lime scale adherence. ACS and KTW certification.

  • High performance thermostatic cartridge that ensure the steadiest mixed outlet water temperature.

    Compensate for changes in supply pressure and supply temperature.

  • Check valves.

    According to UNE-EN 13959 standard.

  • Thermostatic cartridge complies EN 1111 and ASSE 1016 standards.

  • Handle antifriction systems

    for a soft use.

  • Easy to assemble and disassemble.

  • Suitable for legionella disinfection at 70 ºC (158 ºF).

  • Cold touch.

    An exclusive mechanize and foundry system avoids undesirable scald.

  • Integrated diverter.

    In right position for a better ergonomics.

Thermostatic cartridges

Linear shower drain

Linear shower drain that provides a fresh bathroom without bad smell with an easy installation and disassembled.

  • Avoids from insects.

  • It is possible to install the shower drain independently, without the anti-return valve.

    Removable unti-return valve to easily clean it or to replace it if needed.

  • Suitable for radiant floor heating.

    When surface gets hot, in the traditional shower shipon systems, water evaporates and there is bad smell.

  • The anti-return valve can be installed after masonry work is finished avoiding obstructions.

  • Total height from surface 91,5 mm. It can be regulated to maximum 138,5 mm.

  • Avoid the needs to install a siphon.

  • Suitable for waterproof membranes.

  • Overflow: 33 l/min.

  • Stainless steel grid height adjustable for reduced lay flooring, until 18 mm.

Linear shower drain